Administrative and Regulatory Law

Consultative legal advisory and litigation in administrative proceedings before municipal, state and federal authorities and agencies.

Our practice involves drafting legal opinions; participation in public consultations and public hearings; and providing legal advice on bidding procedures, administrative contracts, concessions, and public-private partnerships.

Antitrust Law

Litigation and consultative legal advisory on antitrust matters.

Our practice involves structuring business transactions and carrying out antitrust filings; providing preventive antitrust compliancy orientation in the corporate environment; and representing clients in administrative and judicial economic law cases.  

Business Law

Consultative legal advisory for businesses, assisting in company and asset structuring and reorganization projects, implementing corporate governance arrangements and providing legal orientation for routine policies and commercial activities of companies.

Our practice involves analysis and planning of deals; project financing; participation in meetings and assemblies; due diligence procedures; and corporate dispute resolution.

Contract Law

Consultative legal advisory on drafting, negotiating and reviewing civil and commercial agreements.

Our practice comprises analyzing and drafting agreements, specific clauses, and technical legal opinions. In the post-contractual stage, we manage contractual execution and resolve disputes concerning contract law.

Dispute Resolution

Litigation in civil and commercial disputes.

We represent domestic and international clients in judicial disputes before State and Federal Jurisdictions, as well as in arbitration procedures ad hoc and institutional. We provide pre-litigation advisory in settlement negotiations and participation in preliminary discussions to prevent litigation.

Labor and Social Security

Consultative legal advisory and litigation on labor and social security matters.

We offer preventive orientation to reduce labor liabilities and improve work health and safety standards. Our services also include defense in individual and collective labor claims; and representation in administrative and judicial proceedings involving public and private pension plans.

Life Sciences

Legal counsel for health, biotechnology, drugs, food, agriculture and biodiversity related industries. Our practice involves regulatory affairs before health authorities; administrative defenses; and advisory regarding clinical research, product approvals and technology transfer agreements.

We provide legal guidance to clinics, hospitals and health professionals; pharmaceutical laboratories; and medical products and equipment, food and food supplement manufacturers.

Private Client

Consultative legal advisory on wealth management and planning, implementing efficient corporate governance, taxation and succession structures for family assets.

Our practice involves analysis to regularize and negotiate mobile and real estate assets; foreign allocation of net resources; and orientation for issuing statements before foreign and domestic authorities.

Our attorneys assist clients in family and succession law consultations and litigation.

Tax Law

Litigation in judicial and administrative proceedings on tax matters, before municipal, state and federal jurisdictions and authorities. We offer legal advisory ranging from monitoring fiscal inspections to cases in higher courts.

Our attorneys provide legal tax advisory for investments and corporate and commercial transactions; agreements to prevent double taxation; individual wealth and succession planning; and negotiation of fiscal benefits.