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2019 begins with changes in data protection law in Brazil: what changes in Healthcare

In the last days of 2018, modifications were made to data protection legislation in Brazil. Therefore, the year 2019 begins with two relevant changes in Brazilian digital health regulation. The first came from Provisional Measure 869, dated 12/27/2018, which created the National Data Protection Agency and made changes to the Brazilian Data Protection Act (which […]

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Digital Health Regulation begins in England

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has just released new standards that set requirements for the development of digital health technologies for the National Health Service (NHS). The purpose of these standards is to establish guidelines for developers and investors who intend to introduce digital health products into the NHS. The delimitation […]

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Exposition by DFL Advogados partner

Exposition by DFL Advogados partner, André Bastos Lopes Ferreira, in international workshop organized by the Center for Research on Health Law of the University of Sao Paulo (NAP-DISA/USP), at the University of São Paulo Law School, discussing the “judiciaryzation” of health profession regulation conflicts. See full program: Programa Workshop

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